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The Mummer's Farce

Jun 30, 2017

Kate and Dan take on another pair of episodes from director Daniel Minahan as the plot quickens and the action heats up. Of particular note is Dany's continued fashion evolution into a dragon, Drogo going all Mortal Kombat, and Ned's continuous delirium, even in the face of Varys' Gene Parmesan moment.

Jun 23, 2017

Kate and Dan check out episodes from contrasting directors in Brian Kirk and Daniel Minahan as the plot moves from palace intrigue and foreshadowing to mounting tensions and betrayals. They discuss Vale fashion, the literal sunsetting of the peaceful realm, and whether Littlefinger's goading is supposed to irritate...

Jun 16, 2017

Kate and Dan return for a second round of Thrones production talk, this time taking on a pair of soap-y episodes directed by Brian Kirk. They discuss Catelyn's most bone-headed moves, Daenerys' music video fashion sense, how much Viserys looks and behaves like a velociraptor, and much more.

Jun 9, 2017

For their debut episode of The Mummer's Farce, Kate and Dan start at the beginning, talking about the first two episodes of Game of Thrones, directed by HBO regular Tim Van Patten. They go over the moments from the show that stood out the most to them in terms of cinematography, symbolism, and at one point...

Jun 8, 2017

This episode is a primer to The Mummer's Farce. Meet Kate and Dan and hear them describe their plans for the show going forward.